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Hi, I'm Ken

Researcher, Business Professional, and "IT Guy" inspired and fascinated

by psychology and the human experience.

Currently based in Austin, Texas and conducting graduate research

for The University of Texas and Dell Medical School.

MSIS - Graduating May 2020

My qualitative research largely falls within multiple realms of medical practice and involves varying special populations. I've lead and assisted with research involving diabetes patients, physicians, inmates, individuals suffering from chemical addiction, and children. Some of this content is not available below due to nature of the research but I'm more than happy to discuss the framework of those studies or any of my other projects in more detail offline, just reach out to me!

Thanks for visiting! - Ken

Featured Projects

Image displaying Virtual Reality Project

I explore the treatment of addiction through the use of Virtual Reality inside the Travis County Correctional Complex.

Real World Rehabilitation in a Virtual Environment

Script Writing Generative Interviews Special Populations

Image displaying QEESI project

I conduct research to help guide the transition of exposure documentation to an online form. Using a user centered focus I work to expand availability to a larger portion of the population.

Transitioning exposure documentation into the digital space

Report Generation/Presentation Heuristic Evaluation Comparative Analysis

Qualitative Interviews High Fidelity Mockups Figma Qualtrics

Image displaying Virtual Reality Project

My team and I explore how vehicles communicate with their operators and how we might create more positive user outcomes.

Facilitating positive outcomes with improved operator experiences

Physical Prototypes Contextual Inquiry RITE Testing

Affinitizing Video Prototype Comparative Analysis

Featured Writing

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has garnered a lot of attention in recent years, including a vigorous discussion how it might best be used to serve human kind. Whether AI is providing a solution to high frequency analytical tasks or generating complex solutions, there is potential for AI to resolve many of the problems facing human kind today and Education is one of the most important areas where the application of AI might be able to address existing challenges and could transform how we provide an education to future generations...

Exploring Efficiency and The Human Element

This essay is my exploration into an abstract concept that has been extremely rewarding for me. Regardless of the result, whether it be rambling or a magical clarity that develops out of thin air, the research that I’ve conducted for this paper has been extremely enlightening. The only way I’ve been able to explain the User Experience discipline to others is as a fluid discipline that is dedicated to balancing user needs and business wants in ways that are often abstract and otherwise absurd to most outsiders looking in. But once the methods are explained, they seem to be amazed that they hadn’t thought of it before. The methods have evolved so much from the early days of task and time analysis and will continue to do so for years to come as those of us entering the field develop new ways of approaching new challenges. As I work to assemble this research in a way that can be read by humans, I hope that you understand that throughout my research I had so much trouble finding some form of solid definition or idea of the concept of “the human element.” Now, as I write this, I’m beginning to realize that the human element is also a fluid concept that is the sum of the experiences of the individual imagining it. For you, it may be a crossword puzzle, a thanksgiving dinner, and football games with your Father. For others, weekends at the racetrack, local lake, or the local home improvement store. It’s a realization much like the insights I’ve written below, it is relative. So, to head off as many readers as I can, I’m going to place the most important statement right here up front: Don’t ever discount the human experience or limit your creativity because there is an established method. Life is fluid and as designers it is our responsibility to be fluid right along with it...

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