I'm a...
Business Professional,
User Researcher,
and so much more...

Hello, Ken here! First off thank you for visiting my site. You're likely here at my request (in a roundabout way) and I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit!

I like to keep things as simple as possible so here are a few snippets about me:

In my off time you'll often find me tinkering on our dirt bikes, my Miata, or building a new computer in the study. My dad was a lifelong mechanic and my hero growing up. His passion for engine building fueled many of the hobbies I have today.

I served in the military from 2007 to 2011 as a Healthcare Specialist (see Combat Medic). I was responsible for providing both preventative and trauma care for the various units I was assigned. I was also lucky enough to teach trauma fundamentals to non-medical personnel which is where I fell in love with teaching/mentoring.

I'm an avid chess player (though my skill has dwindled in recent years). This is another passion that I owe to my father but my time in the military played a big part in the development of my chess knowledge. I'm also not too shabby at Dominoes and Spades.

I met my wonderful Wife Dana in 2011 while she studied at Texas State University and I was just beginning my studies at Austin Community College. Since then she's become the center of my universe and my best friend. You'll find various goofy pictures of us and our furr children Ruby, Rowdy, and Kylie below.

In 2015 I discovered that I'm a closet people person. While studying Computer Science at Austin Community College I took a Human Factors class at Texas State and discovered User Research and never looked back.

Austin has an amazing deaf community and especially at Austin Community College. I took advantage of my foreign language requirement to learn American Sign Language and integrate myself into tone of the most wonderful communities that Austin has to offer, give it at try! It's worth it!

I'm a big reader but I'm also super picky. When I'm not out in the garage you'll probably find me nose deep into a new dark fantasy series. A couple my favorites are The Black Company series by Glen Cook and The Stand by Stephen King.

Have a question or interested in learning more about my work?

Don't hesitate to reach out! The best method of contacting me is email.